School Improvement Development


The LAUNCH!™ Learning and Performance Series

Our LAUNCH!™ Learning and Performance Series is an intensive,  job-embedded development program aligned to the validated Certified School Improvement Specialist™ standards.  Our performance-based approaches develop state, local and regional education agency staff, district and school leaders, and academic coaches to facilitate sustainable, systemic school improvement. Participants participate in social learning with peer and coach support.

LAUNCH!™ engages participants, using their schools’ performance data and focusing on their unique challenges guiding school turnaround and transformation. This intensive ten-part series allows participants to apply their learning and tools immediately on the job.

The most common response of participants is: “Why have I not had this training sooner?”

The LAUNCH!™ Learning and Performance Series The LAUNCH!™ Learning and Performance Series Aligned to the ten CSIS™ Standards   

The CSIS™ standards are:

  • Analyze and Apply Critical Judgement
  • Facilitate Deriving Meaning and Engagement
  • Focus on Systemic Factors
  • Plan and Record
  • Organize and Manage Effort and Resources
  • Guide and Focus Collaborative Improvement
  • Build Capacity
  • Demonstrate Organizational Sensitivity
  • Monitor Accountability and Adoption
  • Implement for Sustainability

LAUNCH!™  training is provided in a synchronous virtual cohort, with asynchronous coaching and peer-to-peer learning via the digital Promote® platform. Title funds and ESSA funds can be applied to participant tuition, and state education agencies can apply to their Regional Comprehensive Center for funding.

Participants’ supervisors attend alongside their participants. The Institute develops these individuals to support, supervise and assess participants’ transfer of learning to on-the-job practice and results. Supervisor participation ensures participants’ learning and on-the-job practice is “expected and inspected”. Successful program completion earns a credential, a verifiable digital badge, proving proficiency in school improvement facilitation.

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AIM HIGH! is a facilitated Georgia school district, school, family, employer, governance and stakeholder engagement process focused on supporting student success in learning, career and life. The Institute facilitates a series of conversations with collaborative analysis which links participants in discovering the critical factors which are rapidly transforming the world of work and local, state, regional and national economies. The process creates a sense of urgency for partnerships and progress. Rural districts can benefit through connections to employers with high-demand jobs and collaboration with other districts working to pilot and implement solutions that provide virtual internships, online experiences, lesson content, and other supports to provide students with equitable access to high-quality learning.       


The Certified School Improvement Specialist (CSIS™) is an evidence-based certification that can be earned when applicants show through triangulated data that applying the ten national school improvement specialist standards improves student achievement. The evidence presented by an applicant who earns the certification helps to set him or her apart as an improvement practitioner who can successfully guide others to make the needed changes for improvement. Applicants must show evidence of positively impacting student achievement over a three-to-five-year period, and their applications are double-blind reviewed by certified peers trained in scoring applications.

For more information contact National Certification Specialist Dr. Jean Quigg at Jean@TIFPI.ORG

Download the CSIS Certification application.