The programs and certifications of the Institute for Performance Improvement aligns to proven Human Performance Improvement Principles and Practices. We certify facilitators of systemic performance improvement across all sectors through our evidence-based Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator credential.

This certification aligns to the ten Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator Standards:

  1. Analyze and Apply Critical Judgment
  2. Facilitate Deriving Meaning and Engagement
  3. Focus on Systemic Factors
  4. Plan and Record
  5. Organize and Manage Efforts and Resources
  6. Guide and Focus Collaborative Improvement
  7. Build Capacity
  8. Demonstrate Organizational Sensitivity
  9. Monitor Accountability and Adoption
  10. Implement for Sustainability

This is available as a micro-credential program, including stack-able digital badges.

This fully evidence-based certification is awarded based on blind review of candidate description with attestation of performance and results.

For more information on becoming certified please contact National Certification Director Dr. Jeanne Quigg at Jeanne@TIFPI.ORG.