SIS Network Communities of Practice

The SIS Network is a community of of school improvement facilitators, who are members of the International Society for Performance Improvement, and who are working together to solve problems of practice in school improvement and learning together to support educator and student success. Visit to join ISPI and the K-12 SIS Network. Want to sponsor the network and interact with school improvement specialists? Contact the SIS Network Concierge, Erin Wagner at

TIFPI and SIS have chosen edWeb as a platform for school improvement facilitators to share ideas and content and to network. To view our various communities of practice, go to and join as a member for free!

The Institute offers the comprehensive LAUNCH!™ Development Program for school improvement facilitators. Offered as an annual national cohort, or by arrangement for state and local education agencies, this rigorous development program provides the skills, tools and resources needed to guide and support systemic, sustainable school improvement.

Learn about our other development programs available to state and local education agencies, professional associations and other supporters of school improvement.

Questions? Contact Client Concierge, Erin Wagner at