Deb Page Institute CEO and President Deb Page co-founded the Institute.  In 2010 she conducted a study of perennially under-performing Georgia schools that had turned around their performance and were demonstrating sustained gains in student achievement. During the course of the study, she recognized a common body of practices used by school and school district leaders and state-assigned school improvement specialists guiding the turnaround process. She reached out to her colleague, Dr. Judith Hale, who was leading evidence-based certification of performance improvement practitioners for the International Society for Performance Improvement. Applying Dr. Hale’s expertise in credential-development, they conducted a national study to develop and validate the ten national Certified School Improvement Specialist™ standards and the fully evidence-based Certified School Improvement Specialist™ designation. The Institute for Performance Improvement was launched in 2012 to provide training and certifications for school improvement facilitators. Deb spent 20 years in the private sector as a Human Capital Management executive. She began her career as a high school language arts teacher. She is a Certified Performance Technologist. Contact her at Co-founder Dr. Judith Hale now serves as a Senior Consultant to the Institute for Certification Development.
  Hale and Page co-authored The School Improvement Specialist Field Guide (Corwin Press, 2011). The Field Guide is the text for the LAUNCH!™ Learning Experience and contains 50+ digital tools.  

The Institute Team

The Institute team has deep expertise in performance improvement, school improvement, human capital management, credential development, talent management, and adult training and development. The team is equally experienced in school turnaround, and continuous improvement at the state agency, local education agency and school levels.   The Institute’s focus on implementation for sustainability helps those they train and support to meet their goals and maintain gains in improvement over time.                             

Dr. Jean Quigg, CSIS, serves as National CSIS™ Director and as Senior Lead Instructor. She is  co-author of the LAUNCH!™ Learning Experience, develops performance-based courses, and provides school  improvement consulting support to school districts. She is a retired School System Superintendent and a former Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, principal, assistant principal, reading specialist and elementary teacher. Her experiences in education span 40 years in urban, suburban, and rural school systems.  She is a Certified School Improvement Specialist (CSIS) and also earned her Instructional Design (ID (ILT)) Certification.

Dr. Gale Hey serves as Instructor of the LAUNCH!™ Learning Experience and provides consulting support in school improvement and human capital management. She is a retired Gwinnett County Public Schools Senior Associate Superintendent. She supervised principals and school zones, led professional learning and leadership development, and served as a principal, assistant principal and teacher
Dr. Lynn Plunkett, CSIS, serves as Instructor of the LAUNCH!™ Learning Experience, and Facilitator of Improvement Processes with a focus on development and fidelity of implementation of Career Academies. She is a former consultant to the Georgia DOE on Career Path Development, a former superintendent, associate superintendent, principal, assistant principal and teacher.
Kathy Cox, serves as Director of Strategic Initiatives. A former state superintendent, Kathy is active in CCSSO and other national organizations supporting  school improvement. She has over ten years of national experience facilitating state and local education agency planning and implementation. As a former teacher and state legislator, Kathy brings a systemic view of school improvement. She also holds the distinction of being the winner of Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?, donating her winnings to high-need schools.
Dr. JoAnn Brown serves as Instructor of the LAUNCH!™ Learning Experience, and Facilitator of Improvement Processes with a focus on leadership development. She is a highly effective leadership development consultant and trainer, a former principal, assistant principal and teacher.
Pam Henderson serves as Operations Director for the Institute. Pam, and her company, Henderson and Associates, has specialized for over 30 years in operations management, event planning and management, financial planning and management and amazing client service and relationships.