The Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator™

The CPIF™ designation recognizes workforce development, performance management, human capital management, project management professionals and others who guide collaborative improvement efforts that result in organizational performance improvement and goal achievement. Based on the ten Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator™ standards, the award recognizes those who move beyond traditional roles and focus on guiding collaborative work that implements solutions with fidelity, closes gaps in performance and sustains results.

The Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator™ Standards:

  1. Analyze and Apply Critical Judgement
  2. Develop Meaning and Engagement
  3. Focus on Systemic Factors
  4. Plan and Record
  5. Organize and Manage Efforts
  6. Guide and Focus Collaborative Improvement
  7. Build Capacity
  8. Demonstrate Organizational Sensitivity
  9. Monitor Accountability and Adoption
  10. Implement for Sustainability

Certification requires no course work, only an online orientation ($300) to the standards and application process. The application process is a highly reflective and powerful professional development experience. On site group orientations are also available for organizations on request. Contact Dr. Jean Quigg, CPIF™ National Director at for information and to register for Orientation.

Download and complete the CPIF Application, April 2018 and the CPIF Handbook for Candidates, April 2018.

When the application is complete, applicants register for application submission ($695) and submit the application electronically for review to Dr. Jean Quigg at