The guidance given to me during LAUNCH!™ has connected the dots for me for implementation of a long term plan for a system of continuous improvement for any organization from initial evaluation to a fully functioning self-improvement model. This has been a truly insightful experience.

Tim Huddleston, Education Recovery Leader, Kentucky Department of Education, Cohort 3

The information gathered through the Institute sessions are really helping me think critically about how I can be an effective facilitator in my field of work. Hearing others’ experiences and input truly helps me to better understand the CSIS standards and how I can relate to each professionally and personally.

J’ Nora Anderson, Novice Reduction Coach, Kentucky Department of Education Cohort 3

Being a part of the LAUNCH!™ training has shown me the importance of building the capacity within others with whom I work to see what changes need to be made and to arrive at their own effective solutions. When they have the capacity to see the problems for themselves and devise their own effective plans to solve them, they are closer to being on the path of self-sustained improvement.

Keith Embry, Education Recovery Leader, Kentucky Cohort 3

Helping all the staff identify their “as is”  state was very eye-opening to them. We conducted walkthroughs to identify current instructional strategies and worked in collaboration with the staff to identify short and long term goals for student success. The tools we acquired in our school improvement “tool box” (through LAUNCH!) have helped this urgent work to move forward with the ultimate  goal of developing sustainable systems.”