Professional Developers

We support professional developers in the design and development of performance-based professional learning and performance coaching for educators through our THRIVE!™ Learning and Performance Experience.

We believe learning professionals deserve a “seat at the table” in determining the types of interventions that will improve practitioners’ performance. Professional development is the most frequently applied performance intervention across all sectors; however, it is generally the most expensive intervention. We teach learning professionals to diagnose performance issues and support the application of the most effective performance improvement approaches.

We help professional learners make the transition to performance consulting, using practical, proven tools and approaches.

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District Leaders

District leaders are in positions to support the school improvement process through their supervision and ownership and control of  the systems and processes that impact educator and staff performance. Through intensive, evidence-based  LAUNCH!™ Learning and Performance Experience we help district leaders analyze performance needs and factors that impact educator, school and student success. We help coach, supervise, and support school leaders to select, plan, implement, and manage sets of systemic performance improvement solutions. .

We help districts develop local evidence-based processes that develop a deep pool of leaders at all levels who can guide school improvement and transformation through The GROW!™ Learning Experience.

Through Institute develops school district leaders to support schools in developing ESSA-required Logic Models and evaluating interventions to establish their evidence of outcomes and results.

The Institute partners with the Brinkerhoff Evaluation Institute, founded by Dr. Robert Brinkerhoff, internationally renowned for his work in evaluation. BEI develops and certifies education professionals to use the The Success Case Evaluation Method®  for evaluation of initiatives. This validated method determines what is working, what is not, and why, in simple and compelling ways. This supports ESSA initiative implementation.  

Note: The Success Case Evaluation Method® registered service marks are the exclusive property of and owned by BTS, Inc. and its subsidiary company, Advantage Performance Group. BTS and APG have granted sub-license rights to TIFPI to use the Success Case Evaluation Method® in its school improvement training programs.

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School Leaders

The evidence-based  LAUNCH!™ Learning and Performance Experience is an intensive, year-long, job-embedded development approach for school leaders at all levels. Participants focus on their schools’ data and performance, applying their learning as they facilitate their school teams through the school improvement cycle. In-class and on-the-job practice supports school improvement planning, intervention planning and management, implementation, evaluation and sustainability efforts. Participants engage in peer-to-peer networking and coaching.

Participants are coached and assessed by their supervisors, and document their evidence of proficient practice. Those who successfully complete their assignments and assessments are awarded a micro-credential, verifiable digital badge recognizing proficiency. The program meets ESSA requirements for evidence-based school improvement interventions with significant focus on leadership.  

A common response by LAUNCH!™ participants is that they have been able to wrap their minds around a clear and easily replicated process for facilitating systemic school improvement. Even highly experienced school improvement facilitators tell us that this is the single-best development experience of their career. They complete the series with renewed confidence and capability, and the tools they need to effectively guide their schools.

School leaders can join a LAUNCH!™ Learning Experience through a district-sponsored cohort, a multi-district cohort sponsored by a regional education support agency, or through a state department of education supported cohort. Title funds and ESSA funds can be applied to participant tuition.

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Academic Coaches

Academic or Instructional Coaches play a key role in the school improvement process by facilitating improvements in curriculum, assessment and instruction at the school and classroom level. Often Academic Coaches attend the LAUNCH!™ Learning and Performance Experience along with their principals to plan and align their efforts to support and develop teachers.

Working as part of the school leadership team, these coaches support the school improvement planning and implementation process so that “the doing gets done” and the targeted results in the instructional core of the school are collaboratively achieved.

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