The Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator may work in and across a broad range of sectors and roles. These professionals guide collaborative efforts to solve problems and improve performance using a set of proven performance standards. These people may serve in project management, product development, go-to-market strategies, work force development and other efforts requiring collaboration, systemic approaches, and continuous improvement.


CPIF Training and Certification Overview

Earning the Certified Facilitator of Performance Improvement is a two-step process.  First, you must complete the online, synchronous Performance Improvement Facilitator Learning and Performance Journey, and meet the performance requirements via the Institute’s asynchronous Promote digital platform.  Second, during the development program, course you must demonstrate proficiency in on-the-job facilitation of collaborative performance improvement, through the job-embedded practicum. (Note: A practicum may be conducted outside the participant’s current job setting by working with a non-profit or other entity needing this facilitative support.)

CPIF Target Audience

This credential is intended for professionals who facilitate systemic, sustainable, performance improvement efforts, live and online, that are collaborative in nature.

The CPIF Provides Proof of Proficiency in Skills Employers Value

Earning the certification provides evidence of proficiency in practice of performance improvement facilitation and competency in high-value skills, such as collaboration, problem solving, complex communication, critical thinking and the ability to guide change and improvement with or without authority over others.

The Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator designation is jointly awarded by the International Society for Performance Improvement and the Institute for Performance Improvement via a verifiable digital badge.

The Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator Standards

Effective facilitators of performance improvement exemplify the work of the Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator Standards:

  1. Analyze and apply critical judgment
  2. Facilitate making meaning and engagement
  3. Focus on systemic factors
  4. Plan and record
  5. Organize and manage efforts
  6. Guide and focus collaborative improvement
  7. Build capacity
  8. Demonstrate organizational sensitivity
  9. Monitor accountability and adoption
  10. Implement for sustainability The Performance Improvement Facilitator Learning and Performance Journey is a rigorous development and certification program similar to a high-level graduate course series with an embedded practicum. The development program tuition is $5995 US. Successful practicum completers earn the Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator credential at no extra charge. This series is offered online virtually. Contact Deb Page at for registration information.


Definition of Improvement Facilitation

Facilitation is the discipline of helping people to do things that need to be done, and making achieving it easier. In this case the goal is improvement of people, group, and organizational performance. There are many different variations to the performance improvement process, but most follow a version of the PDCA cycle: plan, do, check, act. The “plan” part involves identifying the nature of the problem, obtaining the resources to fix it and determining the best way to implement change. The “do” part is the actual changing of an existing process. The “check” part involves measuring key performance indicators to ensure that the new process is performing as expected. The “act” part includes making changes to the change in order to make the underlying process as efficient as possible.

CPIF Training – The Performance Improvement Facilitator Learning & Performance Journey

The Institute for Performance Improvement offers three PIF-LPJ annually. These rigorous and highly engaging development programs each span four months. They are offered virtually synchronous with virtual, asynchronous coaching and peer-to-peer learning via the Promote® Learning and Performance Platform.

Each course in the series is aligned to one or more of the CPIF™ standards. Participants apply their learning to a performance improvement goal and collect evidence of their proficiency in guiding collaborative improvement. Each course provides proven tools, practices and processes which participants apply in their facilitation.

Successful program completers earn the Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator™ digitally verifiable credential, which provides evidence of participant proficiency in the ten standards.

Application, Registration, and Payment

Tuition, coaching and the CPIF designation cost is $5,995. For detailed schedules and registration, contact Pam Henderson, TIFPI Registrar at Payment can be made via Pay Pal or purchase order.  All applications must be submitted and approved before registration and payment. 

To Apply Click here:

Upcoming PIF-LPJ Sessions     

2021 Cohort I  — January – May  – Virtual **Currently this course is full**

2021 Cohort II — August – December – Virtual

2021/2022 Cohort III — January – May – Virtual

Note: All synchronous sessions are conducted from 1:00 to 4:30 PM EST

For information regarding closed group/organization participation, contact Deb Page