Implementing Human Capital Management Systems

We facilitate school districts and schools to improve educator performance and results by applying Human Capital Management strategies to develop effective, local Educator Learning and Performance Systems.

In studying School Improvement Grant school performance the Center on School Turnaround at West Ed identified Human Capital as one of the main drivers for school turnaround and continuous improvement.

The Institute facilitates the development of local Design Teams who intentionally analyze, design, plan, and implement processes and systems to:

    • Identify the Key Success Competencies for Everyone Working in the Organization
    • Develop Competency Models for Every Key Job Group
    • Improve Recruiting
    • Improve Interviewing and Selection
  • Analyze Talent Needs
  • Improve Assignment of Talent
  • Forecast Talent Needs
  • Develop Plans for Development and Growth
  • Address Under-Performance
  • Manage Talent Progression
  • Manage Performance
  • Apply other Talent and Performance Management Practices

The facilitated process generally covers a three to nine month cycle that builds local capacity to lead and manage Human Capital. Facilitation begins on-site and continues via distance coaching. When well implemented, the process provides solutions to common Human Capital Management challenges.

To inquire about this facilitated Process for your organization or group of organizations contact Deb Page

GROW!™ – Implementing Performance-based Leadership Development

The GROW! ™ Facilitated Process supports departments and commissions of education, school districts, and regional education centers in adopting processes that develop a deep pool of local leaders at all levels who can guide school improvement and transformation. The GROW!™ process is effective in all contexts, but particularly in rural or challenging schools who “have who they have” to lead their schools.

The process combines a suite of approaches that taken together result in a deep pool of leaders who can guide school improvement and lead their schools effectively. These include:

  • Strategies for tapping the potential and aspirations of developing and incumbent leaders.
  • Development of competency models for key leadership roles.
  • Analysis of group and individual development and talent needs.
  • Development of Leader Development and Growth Plans aligned to school improvement plans and leader evaluation systems.
  • Development of cohort-delivered professional learning for groups of leaders with similar development needs.
  • Development of performance-based, job-embedded learning experiences with embedded assessments aligned to individual needs and the real work of the school and the school calendar.
  • Performance Coaching with timely feedback against clear criteria.
  • Reflection on practice.
  • Social, peer-to-peer learning.
  • Leveraging local and digital learning resources

The Institute facilitates local Design Teams, including Professional Learning professionals. Leader-supervisors and coaches in developing and implementing their local Signature Leadership Systems for Leaders at All Levels.

To inquire about the GROW!™ Facilitated Process for your organization or group of organizations contact Deb Page, Institute President.