Guide Collaborative Improvement

Use Proven Practices, Tools and Processes to Solve Complex Challenges

Develop and Demonstrate Proficiency as a Performance Improvement Facilitator


Master facilitation of systemic, sustainable school improvement. Certify your proficiency as a School Improvement Specialist.


Develop and demonstrate your proficiency as a Certified Improvement Performance Facilitator and guide collaborative improvement within and between organizations.

Welcome to TIFPI

We invite performance improvement practitioners from across all sectors, and school improvement specialists serving K-12 schools, to learn proven techniques for facilitating systemic, sustainable improvement and innovation. Contact us today. We look forward to helping you succeed!

Who We Are

Certified Performance Improvement Specialists are dedicated to training, certifying and connecting performance improvement facilitators across all sectors, including K-12 education.

How We Think

We are committed to facilitating sustainable, systemic improvement via sound practices and tools to ensure the “doing gets done” through collaborative efforts.

Who We Help

Facilitators of improvement and innovation across all sectors with an emphasis on supporting collaborative coalitions committed to mutual goals.

Let Us Help You

Need a career boost? Our evidence-based training and certification provide evidence of proficiency in facilitating collaborative improvement including competencies valued by employers.

Certified Performance Improvement Facilitators use proven practices and tools to guide Collaborative Coalitions focused on student success, and workforce and economic development.

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