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We invite performance improvement practitioners from across all sectors, and school improvement specialists serving K-12 schools to learn proven techniques for facilitating systemic, sustainable improvement and innovation. Contact us today. We look forward to helping you succeed!  


Not able to travel? Not a problem. All our training programs are virtual!


Due to the changes in our daily lives and work as a result of COVID- 19, The Institute for Performance Improvement has implemented a virtual program to host our attendees virtually! We are truly “Getting the Doing Done” while adapting in ways that had never been expected!

Both our LAUNCH!™ development program for K-12 school improvement facilitators, and our Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator development program for all sectors are fully online. We combine synchronous training with asynchronous coaching and peer-to-peer learning.  Schedule a 30-person series for your organization or group, or join a quarterly series. For more information contact Deb Page Deb@TIFPI.org 


The Institute for Performance Improvement was chosen to support SERVE Center at the University of North Carolina to serve as the Regional Comprehensive Center for the states of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. SERVE, under the leadership of George Hancock, hosts the center, awarded by the US Department of Education. Deb Page serves as the Center Liaison to the GA Department of Education.

The Keystone State Trains School Improvement Facilitators to Improve Service and Support

The Pennsylvania Department of Education with the support of the federal Region Comprehensive Center 4, began training its school improvement facilitators via the Institute LAUNCH!™ development program in September 2020. 30 additional facilitators will begin training early in 2021. All staff will also apply for the fully evidence-based Certified School improvement Specialist certification, applying their learning application to the schools they are supporting

“Being a part of LAUNCH! has helped to reinvigorate the work that I do as a school improvement specialist.  The conversations are thought- provoking and build upon coaching training that I’ve completed in the past.  The tools and resources that are provided can be used immediately, no matter what stage of school improvement you are in.  The course, in tandem with the Field Guide, walks through practical scenarios that improvement specialists will encounter from deciding what to wear on your first day meeting the school team through the challenging conversations about relationships, influencers, hiring and evaluation, professional learning, and more. The course has helped me to slow down and be extremely thoughtful about the tools that I use, the conversations that I have, and the plans that I make to move forward in supporting schools to achieve their vision.” – School Improvement Facilitator in PA

PA Joins Other Leading States in “Improving School Improvement”

Pennsylvania joins Kentucky, Indiana and Georgia Departments of Education in training their school improvement staff in order to provide them consistent training, tools and processes. The Georgia Department of Education has used LAUNCH!™ trained state agency School and District Effectiveness staff, Regional Education Service Agency School Improvement Specialists, and staff from across the state agency so that seamless, integrated support and service is provided.   

The Institute Collaborates with the International Society for Performance Improvement to Provide Training for Facilitators of Human Performance Improvement Across All Sectors

The International Society for Performance Improvement has partnered with the Institute for Performance Improvement and the Hale Center to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ISPI Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) evidence-based certification by offering a new development program focused on facilitators of performance improvement across all sectors. The Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator development program focuses on building proficiency to facilitate collaborative performance improvement and innovation across groups and organizations with an emphasis on use of proven practices, tools and processes.   

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