K-12 School Improvement

State departments and commissions of education are mandated to provide support to their states’ lowest performing schools, often in the form of state-assigned school improvement specialists.

Because these school improvement facilitators must be geographically assigned, state education agencies need assurance that those they hire and assign are effective performance consultants. Working with little to no authority, school improvement facilitators who have been highly effective as educators and school and district leaders can find their efforts to help low-performing to be frustrating and ineffective.

Working with state education agencies, we provide state-assigned school improvement facilitators LAUNCH!™ Training. This hands-on, performance-based development approach supports these practitioners to facilitate the school improvement planning and implementation process so that “the doing gets done” and the targeted results are collaboratively achieved.

Through this experience we help educators make the transition to performance consulting using proven tools and approaches. They can approach their consultative roles with a sense of efficacy and see their efforts drive sustainable, systemic improvement.

The ten-part series is delivered through synchronous virtual training, with asynchronous coaching and peer-to-peer learning via our digital Promote® platform. All institute instructors are internationally certified in design and delivery of High Performance Learning Journeys® that transfer learning into on-the-job performance and results.

State education agencies can also require candidates for school improvement specialist assignments to provide proof of proficiency through the national Certified School Improvement Specialist™certification.school improvement specialists who support the nation’s lowest performing schools. The most common question asked by those we train is, “Why have I not had this training earlier in my career?” Participants often praise our training as the most effective and useful in their careers.