School Improvement Specialist Development & Certification

Guide Schools, School Systems and Educators to Improve School Performance and Student Achievement

Develop competency and demonstrate proficiency in using systematic processes to guide systemic, collaborative improvement within schools and school systems. The LAUNCH! Learning & Performance Journey provides a performance-based development experience for state, regional and local education agency facilitators of improvement.

Form or join a cohort for district leaders, school leadership teams, and academic coaches. Participate as a team and focus on your district and school priorities. The process provides structure and support with proven tools and practices. Learn with and from your peers. One school district experienced a 40% improvement in literacy through their collaborative Learning & Performance Journey! To learn more about our Leadership LAUNCH! contact

Typically school improvement specialists are assigned based on their previous experience in leading or teaching, without specialized training and tools for their new facilitative roles. LAUNCH! equips these professionals to successfully guide those they support to achieve higher levels of performance.

School districts, and state and regional education agencies can enroll staff who provide service and support improvement in virtual state, regional, or local LAUNCH! cohorts.

The ten-course series is offered over the span of a school year, or in a six-month cohort. The experience is rigorous and supports participants to immediately apply their learning on the job to support the right performance and results.

Apply to join the 2024 -2025 school year virtual LAUNCH! Learning & Performance Journey from September through April. Apply all your learning and tools directly to your school improvement work. Successfully complete the embedded project, focused on your real work, and earn the Certified School Improvement Specialist designation.

Apply by July 15, 2024. The virtual orientation is August 20, 2024. Virtual classes are 3 hours, offered monthly and bi-monthly. Tuition is $5995 payable at registration. Title II funds may be used to fund participation. Your investment will support your demonstration of the correlation between your improvement facilitation and measurable, observable results.

For more information contact Deb Page, or use the contact form below to request an application and purchase order.

Use this career capstone experience to develop and demonstrate your professional expertise in facilitating collaborative, sustainable school improvement and innovation.

Are you a Certified School Improvement Specialist? Contact us about opportunities to coach school improvement teams through our upcoming ELEVATE! Learning & Performance Journey.

Learning with Peers

Synchronous learning in class is aligned with asynchronous peer-to-peer learning and coaching via the Promote digital platform. Participants report the rich peer interaction to be a highly valuable aspect of the experience, as well as the opportunity to immediately apply their learning to meeting their goals. The most common participant response: “I wish I had this training earlier in my career. It really has improved my practices!”

Leadership LAUNCH! is a virtual, social learning experience specially developed for leadership teams and academic coaches. Working as a team on your local improvement targets, immediately apply all your learning and tools. Learn to avoid the pitfalls that can impact well-intentioned guides of collaborative improvement and learn approaches to build collaboration and consensus that help you reach your goals. Leaders value learning with and from each other, sharing and keeping their efforts on track and successful. Contact

Apply LAUNCH! Learning to Guiding Complex, Collaborative Improvement

Each participant selects a “Big Rock”, a project that will require you to facilitate collaborative improvement or innovation.
Progress through the course series, applying your learning and tools to the project, with coaching.
Submit your work as assignments, getting feedback from your peers and instructors.
Network with your peers, sharing knowledge and assets.
Complete the work/assignments and earn the verifiable LAUNCH! digital badge and certificate from the Institute for Performance Improvement.

The School Improvement Specialist Field Guide

Dr. Judith Hale, CPT and Deb Page, CPT researched the practices of effective school improvement facilitators and codified and validated the ten standards of effective Performance Improvement Facilitator practice. These practices and dozens of proven tools are embedded in the School Improvement Specialist Field Guide (Amazon), used by all participants as the key text for the LAUNCH! series.

Collaborate With Peers

Participants find the immersive experience to be very valuable, as they work to learn together and support each other to guide complex, collaborative improvement.

Apply Proven Processes

Experience using proven processes that support applying human performance improvement from analysis to implementation sustainability — all in one
course series.

Build Your Brand

Through your network of peer experts you will enhance your value, reputation, and tool kit, and connect with professionals in your areas of practice.

Demonstrate Mastery in School Improvement Skills through the Certified School Improvement Specialist Evidence-based Certification

Participants in LAUNCH!™, our virtual, job-embedded and performance-based training program for facilitators of school improvement, can opt to earn the Certified School Improvement Specialist™ national designation. Participants are provided rubrics for assessment of their assignments and course participation. Those who average “Distinguished” on those assessments are awarded the Certified School Improvement Specialist™ designation and verifiable digital badge.  Cost for certification is bundled in the tuition fee for LAUNCH!

Contact Dr.Jean Quigg, National CSIS Certification Director at for more information.

Help those you guide avoid the pitfalls of performance improvement facilitation and the enemies of implementation.

Guide those using federal funding, including CSI and TSI schools, to choose the right sets of solutions, implement them with fidelity, and sustain the right results!

The LAUNCH! Learning & Performance Journey and the CSIS Certification align to the ten Certified School Improvement Specialist standards and the International Society for Performance Improvement principles and systematic process.

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