Performance Improvement Facilitator Development and Certification

Boost Your Career Trajectory with The Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator Training and Certification

Develop your competency and demonstrate your proficiency in using systematic processes to guide systemic, collaborative improvement across groups and organizations. The Performance Improvement Facilitator Learning & Performance Journey provides a performance-based learning experience while connecting learners with peers across sectors for mutual benefit.

The Institute for Performance Improvement provides the comprehensive virtual development program with embedded project-based Performance Improvement Facilitator certification

Applications are currently being accepted for the 2024 virtual series that spans January-June 2024. The rigor is similar to a high-level graduate course with an embedded capstone project, in which participants apply their learning and tools to guiding a complex improvement challenge that requires collaboration. Access the application at:

Complete and submit to There is no cost to apply. Tuition is $3,750 when accepted. For more information see below or contact

Learning with Peers

Synchronous learning in class is aligned with asynchronous peer-to-peer learning and coaching via the Promote digital platform. Participants report the rich peer interaction to be a highly valuable aspect of the experience, as well as the opportunity to immediately apply their learning to meeting their goals. The most common participant response: “I wish I had this training earlier in my career. It really has improved my practices!”

Apply Your Learning to Guiding an Improvement Project and Earn Certification CPIF

Enroll and select a “Big Rock”, a project that will require you to facilitate collaborative improvement or innovation.
Progress through the course series, applying your learning and tools to the project, with coaching.
Submit your work as assignments, getting feedback from your peers and instructors.
Network with your peers, sharing knowledge and assets.
Complete the work/assignments and earn the Certified Performance Improvement credential and digital badge awarded by ISPI and The Institute for Performance Improvement.

Course Schedule January-June 2024

  • Ten 3.5-hour virtual sessions focused on applying the learning and tools to your real-time complex challenge.
  • Assignments via the digital platform applying your learning directly to your challenge with clear criteria and coaching.
  • Peer-to-peer coaching and learning to address your “Big Rock”, your complex
  • Earn the Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator designation by successfully applying learning and tools to your “Big Rock” project.
  • A once-in-a-career capstone experience that results in a practice that adds value to your career and your organization, builds your network of experts, and helps to build Sector Partnerships and other collaborative coalitions.
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The Performance Improvement Specialist Field Guide

Dr. Judith Hale, CPT and Deb Page, CPT researched the practices of effective performance improvement facilitators and codified and validated the ten standards of effective Performance Improvement Facilitator practice. These practices and dozens of proven tools are embedded in the Performance Improvement Specialist Field Guide, provided to all participants as an e-book as the key text for the series.

Collaborate With Peers

Participants find the immersive experience to be very valuable, as they work across sectors to support each other to guide complex, collaborative improvement.

Apply Proven Processes

Experience applying proven processes that support human performance improvement from analysis to implementation sustainability — all in one course series.

Build Your Brand

Through your network of peer experts and your CPIF certification you will enhance your value, reputation and tool kit, and enjoy a vibrant community of practice.

Demonstrate Mastery in High-Demand Skills

Employers report that the skills they need and expect in candidates and the employees they need today are in short supply. The CPIF certification provides evidence of high-demand, “21st Century” skills, needed to succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution:
Certified Performance Improvement Specialists facilitate improvement and innovation using high- demand skills to do things that have not been done before. This requires being able to guide those they serve to work collaboratively across groups, organizations and sectors to change how they work together to solve complex challenges.

Save time, resources and frustration. Add a Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator to your team.

The next Performance Improvement Facilitator Learning & Performance Journey begins April 2023 and runs through September 2023.

The Learning & Performance Journey aligns to the ISPI Principles and Systematic Process for Human Performance Improvement.

Employers may choose to sponsor tuition for their associates or other participants, or sponsor a private course series. Contact Chris Madrid to sponsor employees or a course.

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