TIFPI partners and collaborates with several organizations in order to provide the best service for our clients.

The International Society for Performance Improvement

ISPI and TIFPI are working in collaboration to provide a professional association for K-12 facilitators across the nation. This is the first time K-12 school improvement facilitators have had a professional association to connect them and help them succeed!

Visit the ISPI Website and read more about the collaboration between ISPI, TIFPI and the School Improvement Specialist Network here.

K-12 SIS Network


The International Society for Performance describes itself as such:

The International Society for Performance Improvement is a non-profit membership organization that believes “Being Better Matters.” We help people and organizations make a difference. To their co-workers and clients. Their communities. Their world. By providing tools and strategies for effective and universal improvement, we are helping members create bigger impact, make greater contributions, and, ultimately, make our world a better place to be. 

The International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) and TIFPI are working in collaboration to train and certify Performance Improvement Facilitators. Visit ISPI.org to learn more about ISPI, and watch for coming announcements for an upcoming Performance Improvement Facilitator Learning & Performance Journey.


ISPI certifies practitioners through its evidence-based Certified Performance Technologist process in the work of systematic, organizational performance improvement — What is done.      


The Performance Improvement Facilitator Learning & Performance Journey develops proven proficiency in guiding improvement and innovation across groups and organizations, emphasizing how to facilitate this complex work – How it is done. Successful program completion results in the Certified Performance Facilitator credential.


Both credentials provide employers and clients proof of the practitioner’s expertise in skills that employers state are high-value, in-demand, and in short supply.

Equitable Education Solutions

As The Institute for Performance Improvement works with educators around the nation, we hear common themes of Problems of Practice in facilitation of school improvement. One of those themes reflects the challenges of helping teachers design and deliver engaging, relevant and rigorous instruction. Equitable Education Solutions specializes in helping schools and school districts overcome this challenge and improve teaching and learning so that all students can succeed.

Equitable Education Solutions Describes it’s Mission as to Promote Learning for ALL Students. The Vision is as such:

To consistently provide educational insight into what drives student learning and develop students ready to tackle the current realities of the world they will encounter after their time in K-12.

Erin Stalbaum of Equitable Education Solutions leads one of our communities of practice for our School Improvement Specialist network on edWeb. Her community focuses on Engaging, Rigorous Instruction for All Students. To visit the network and join her community, email her at erin@k12boost.com

You can reach the Equitable Education Solutions website to learn more about their services at https://k12boost.com/.

Instructional Insights & Impact LLC

Gale Hey of Instructional Insights and Impact, LLC

 “Improving schools through cohesive leadership”

Gale is President/CEO of Instructional Insights and Impact, LLC. As a consultant/contractor, her work focuses on district and local school leader development, effective school improvement, executive coaching and strategic planning. She has enjoyed opportunities to work with the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education (GPEE), the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement (GLISI), The Institute for Performance Improvement (TIFPI), the National Drop Out Prevention Center at Clemson University and the Principals Center at Georgia State University

Gale holds an Ed.D. in School Administration from Vanderbilt University, a M.A. in School Administration from East Tennessee State University and a B.S. in Education and Natural Sciences from the University of Tennessee. Gale lives in Buford, GA and can be reached at mghey56@gmail.com

Instructional Insights and Impact, LLC specializes in Group Facilitation, Coaching at the district and principal level and professional development design and delivery.  To learn more about the professional leadership development programs Instructional Insights and Impact, LLC have to offer, please visit the website below.


School Improvement Specialist Network

The Institute for Performance Improvement sponsors the School Improvement Specialist Network, a community school improvement facilitaors who are members of the International Society for Performance Improvement, who are working together to solve problems of practice in school improvement and learning together to support educator and student success.

To learn more about and join the SIS Network click the link below.


The Institute, as small, woman-owned business, scales and diffuses its work via partnerships with organizations which have complementary goals, which support school improvement. These organizations include non-profit and for-profit organizations focused on:

  • Educational leadership development
  • Principal supervision
  • State Education Agency effectiveness
  • School leader effectiveness
  • K-12 and P-21 partnerships for workforce development
  • School turnaround
  • School district effectiveness
  • Human performance improvement
  • Technical support for school improvement
  • Professional learning improvement

FJ King Associates 

With 30 years experience helping organizations, FJ King Associates offers clients a reliable process for improving their performance and achieving their goals. FJ King Associates works between the K-12 education sector and employers to build partnerships and processes for a pipeline of skilled workers. Additionally, we support these partnerships to address barriers to workforce readiness.

For more information on FJ King Associates click the link below.



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