Training Individuals to Guide Sustainable Performance Improvement

Use 21st-century Skills to Improve Your Career and Organizations.

Certified Performance Improvement Facilitators Guide Complex, Collaborative Improvement

In collaboration with the International Society for Performance Improvement, The Institute for Performance Improvement trains and certifies Certified Performance Improvement Facilitators™. These professionals have proven proficiency in high-demand skills that allows them to guide complex, collaborative improvement, working across groups and organizations in a wide range of industries and disciplines. The Performance Improvement Facilitator Learning & Performance Journey™ helps participants apply Human Performance Improvement principles and proven tools and processes to a real-world improvement effort of their choosing. Experienced performance improvement professionals coach participants’ authentic practice and peers provide new perspectives, support, and an ongoing network of professional relationships.

Leveraging the Power of Interdisciplinary Practices and Tools

The Institute for Performance Improvement teaches research-inspired processes that build collaboration, support understanding, empathy, and sustainability. By connecting clients with colleagues from both within and outside of their familiar sectors, individuals are trained to apply broad and interdisciplinary practices and tools to performance improvement. The Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator™ credential opens doors and proves competency that enhances careers and helps effect change and results. Using proving processes grounded in data and research and a mastery of high-demand skills equips our participants to transform the future of business, education, the military, non-profits, and other industries.

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