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A Principled Approach for School Improvement for Alabama Educational Leaders

The Institute for Performance Improvement operates with the understanding that every education leader has the responsibility to lead school improvement, and that sustainable school improvement requires the engagement of all educators, staff, and key stakeholders. The Institute for Performance Improvement trains leaders at all levels, throughout the nation, to become School Improvement Specialists and effectively facilitate systemic, sustainable improvement. Our highly trained and experienced team at the Institute for Performance Improvement includes former superintendents, principals, and other specialists who have effectively transformed schools. Alabama schools deserve to benefit from the most studied and refined systems approaches to school improvement, so that educators and students alike can develop 21st-century skills that support success in learning, career and life.

Providing Alabama Schools with Training and Certification for Sustained School Improvement

The Institute for Performance Improvement recognizes that the ability to help schools challenge themselves, collaboratively meet and exceed goals, and thrive in a sustainable way is a truly valuable skill. Thus, our LAUNCH!™ Learning & Performance Journey is designed to develop Certified School Improvement Specialists™ (CSIS™) to effect positive change and build the capacity of educators and staff to collaboratively solve their most complex challenges. Professionals who support schools from state and regional education agencies are also developed to serve as neutral facilitators who can help schools use a wide range of proven tools, processes, and practices to achieve sustainable improvement, even in today’s complex contexts. Become an Alabama Certified School Improvement Specialist™ with the help of the Institute for Performance Improvement.

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