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South Carolina School Improvement Requires Trained, Innovative School Improvement Specialists

A Certified School Improvement Specialist™ is a professional role that has evolved in K-12 education as states, districts and schools work to address complex challenges that impact student success in learning, careers, and life. A professional can serve as a school improvement guide at the school, district, regional and state level. However, many states and districts operate from an assumption that those who led and performed well in their roles have the skills, tools and facilitation skills to guide others to engage in and succeed at collaborative school improvement.

The Institute for Performance Improvement is the only organization in the nation with validated performance standards, training and certification for these professionals who guide collaborative efforts to solve complex challenges. The Institute recognizes these individuals must influence commitment and engagement, build capacity, and facilitate the improvement process. Through the LAUNCH!™ Learning & Performance Journey, and related evidence-based Certified School Improvement Specialist™ certification, The Institute for Performance Improvement develops professionals to successfully guide systemic, sustainable school improvement. South Carolina districts can join the growing cadre of states and school districts who are raising the bar for developing and supporting those who guide complex improvement efforts.

South Carolina – Becoming a Future-Ready State

The World Economic Forum describes the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” as the inauguration of cyber-physical systems that represent new possibilities for humans and machines alike. These changes will require a workforce who can do what machines cannot, such as collaboration, creativity, complex communication, and other high-demand skills. This level of reinvention of work and the workforce is requiring collaborative coalitions between K-12, post-secondary education, industry sectors, the military, professional associations, trade unions and other stakeholders.

The Institute for Performance Improvement helps our participants in our Performance Improvement Facilitator Learning & Performance Journey and embedded project-based Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator certification develop and demonstrate their expertise in neutral facilitation of these collaborative arrangements. Our South Carolina participants become the guides to 21st-century change amid the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Back in their respective organizations, they guide the types of changes, collaboration and improvement to be both sustainable amid changes and future-ready. The Institute for Performance Improvement brings out the change agent and improvement facilitator in each participant. Becoming a Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator not only promises to enhance participants’ career trajectories, but to improve the future of South Carolina.

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