Train and Certify in High- Demand Skills Guide Collaborative Improvement to Solve Today’s Work Challenges.

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Preparing Workforces for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Institute for Performance Improvement trains and certifies professions to work in and between organizations and groups to guide them to collaboratively tackle complex challenges. For example, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which fuses robotics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, requires wholly different skills than those taught and used in previous generations. Because many of the identified skills are “softer”, more interpersonal skills, research shows that they are best honed by means of consistent practice. Preparing and developing workforces for this new world of work requires collaboration between K-12 education, post-secondary, industry, professional associations and other stakeholders. The Institute of Performance Improvement trains and certifies Performance Improvement Facilitators to guide collaboration coalitions, such as those that prepare workforces for these looming changes.

Using and Proving High-Demand Skills That Meet the Demands of the 21st Century

The Institute for Performance Improvement through its rigorous, virtual Performance Improvement Facilitator Learning & Performance Journey™ trains professionals to guide the types of coalitions needed for preparing the future workforce and addressing other types of performance improvement challenges that require collaboration. The embedded project-based certification allows participants to work on a collaborative improvement project of their choosing, working on their real work, applying high-demand skills, and proven tools and processes. Their successful demonstration of application of skills earns a globally-verifiable digital badge, awarded jointly by the Institute and the International Society for Performance Improvement. Not only does the certificate prove proficiency in facilitating these complex collaborative arrangements, it also attests to their successful use of high-demand skills, such as complex communication, consensus building, working with diverse groups, and critical thinking. These individuals demonstrate they can guide meaningful and sustainable improvement in their organization and between organizations, while also positioning them valuable talent in a competitive job market.

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