Collaborative Coalitions meet the unprecedented needs for those who prepare talent, those who employ talent, and those who support community and regional workforce and economic development to learn and work together to set and meet shared goals.
We help community organizations, such as Chambers of Commerce, city and county government, career tech and other post-secondary institutions, K-12 and other stakeholders vested in student and community success to form vibrant coalitions to learn and work together to set and meet shared goals.

We help these organizations prepare for strategic planning and move from planning to collaborative action to achieve plan objectives and priorities. We support the project management and facilitation of the planning and shared implementation. 

We train and certify local and regional professionals to guide collaborative action so that efforts are successful, sustainable, and guided by neutral faciliators vested in the success of all collaborators.

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In Georgia we incubated a regional Rural Collaborative Coalition that has grown to a statewide Coalition that meets in person virtually each month to allow employers, community organizations, professional and industry organizations, K-12 and post-secondary, non-profits, and other stakeholders to connect and network to help each other solve their challenges and form trusted relationships for mutual benefit. We provide information and connections that support collaborative efforts to meet workforce needs.

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