Georgia Uses Collaboration and Professional Learning to Address Complex Education Challenges

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School Improvement Professional Learning and Tools Support Georgia Amid Historic Challenges

Today, more than ever the capacity to guide improvement and reinvent education in Georgia is a valuable skill set. Our virtual, rigorous LAUNCH!™ Learning & Performance Journey™ develops educators to become School Improvement Specialists who can guide schools to address their challenges and reach their goals collaboratively. This development program is rated by a large majority of those who complete it as the most effective of their career. Participants describe it as “effective, practical, with tools and processes that are immediately useful to guide and support school improvement”. Participants work on real school improvement challenges of their choosing, applying proven tools and processes.

Hundreds of school improvement facilitators and education leaders have successfully completed the rigorous, job-embedded program, applying their learning and tools to their most challenging school improvement needs. The Journey will help districts and schools choose the best systemic approaches, applying funding from the Education Stabilization Fund through the Coronavirus Aid Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER Fund).

The Institute for Performance Improvement Develops Facilitators for Sector Partnerships, College and Career Academy Partnerships and other Collaborative Approaches for Solving Complex Challenges.

The Institute for Performance Improvement also develops and certifies Certified Performance Improvement Facilitators™ to guide employers, professional associations, K-12 education, post-secondary education, professional associations, trade unions and community organizations to achieve collaborative coalitions that support student success and workforce development. Professionals from across these sectors engage in a shared Performance Improvement Facilitator Learning & Performance Journey™, focusing on their organizations’ complex challenges and opportunities for collaboration for mutual success. They work to learn about the future of work and high-demand skills, and develop relationships and shared understanding and processes for finding the solutions they need.

Participants earn the Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator (CPIF), conferred jointly by the Institute and the International Society for Performance Improvement as a globally verifiable digital badge. They return to their respective organizations to guide collaborative change and performance improvement, using sought-after 21st-century skills, or to serve as independent guides for collaborative improvement between organizations. Their certification provides evidence of proven proficiency in guiding collaborative critical thinking and performance analysis, planning, managing resources and implementation, driving engagement, while demonstrating organizational and diversity sensitivity. Our participants hail from diverse backgrounds in schools and education agencies, the military, consulting firms, industry, post-secondary education, and other organizations that must achieve their goals through the people they employ, engage, develop, and lead. Discover the difference that the CPIF designation can make to your organization and your career. Contact the Institute for Performance Improvement today.

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