The Institute of Performance Improvement Makes Sector Partnerships Possible

Learn the in-demand skills required to transform the future.

Sector Partnerships Promote Collaborative Coalitions for the Future of Work

The Institute of Performance Improvement trains professionals who are responsible for ensuring workers and workforces that are future-ready. Traditional methods of preparing, recruiting and retaining talent are not sufficient in today’s marketplace. The Institute trains and certifies neutral Performance Improvement Facilitators who can guide collaborative efforts in Sector Partnerships. Southern Regional Education Board has found that “through these strategic partnerships, educators and employers can align academics and work-based learning experience with jobs in demand in their states – improving individual lives, state prosperity and economic competitiveness.” (SREB, 2020). These professionals can become valuable assets, supporting collaboration across groups within their own organizations and supply chains, in order to advance their organizations and their career success.

Training and Certification also Build Collaborative Relationships Between Stakeholders in Education and Industry.

Participants learn and solve complex challenges through the Performance Improvement Facilitator Learning & Performance Journey™, a rigorous professional development experience. They bring an organizational challenge and apply their learning and proven tools to that real-world project. As peers in the series work on their interdisciplinary projects, they interact with and peer-coach other high-achieving professionals from industry, education, and other backgrounds, forming robust networks that benefit their organizations and careers. Those who successfully complete the course, assignments and project earn the Certified Performance Improvement Facilitator™ certification and a globally-verifiable digital badge, awarded jointly by the Institute and the International Society for Performance Improvement.

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